The Spirit of SurfThe Spirit of Surf

When we heard from Bruce Brown that he was working on "The Endless Summer II" and that he would be looking for some good surf sounds, it was easy to tap right back into the original excitement we felt when writing and recording the soundtrack for "The Endless Summer I".

In the music we have contributed to "The Endless Summer II", we have tried to stay true to the spirit of Bruce's film, to the roots of our music and most of the spirit of surf.
-The Sandals

"I never thought I'd have my own theme written by The Sandals. It's an honor. I'm really stoked."
-Robert "Wingnut" Weaver

"The Sandals music seems to have a certain flow to it- a beat or whatever- that enhances the film"
-Bruce Brown

The Spirit of Surf Tracks:

1.Wingnut's Theme (J. Blakeley / W. Georis) ASCAP 5:21
2.Mexico (W. Georis) ASCAP 4:35
3.Pleasure Point (J. Blakeley / W. Georis) ASCAP 2:40
4.August Rain (J. Blakeley) ASCAP 3:26
5.La Madre (J. Blakeley / W. Georis) ASCAP 4:19
6.Ohh-la-la (J. Blakeley / W. Georis / G. Georis) ASCAP 2:23
7.Wingnut's Theme -slow version (J. Blakeley / W. Georis / G. Georis) ASCAP 2:16
8.Summer Breeze (J. Blakeley / W. Georis) ASCAP 3:23
9.Sax on the Beach (J. Blakeley / W. Georis) ASCAP 2:49
10.Mundacca (W. Georis / G. Georis) ASCAP 2:42
11.Theme from The Endless Summer (W. Georis / J. Blakeley) ASCAP 3:01

The Spirit of Surf CD15.95


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