The Spirit of SurfSilvertone

How do we share something of what we know and feel inside with those around us when there are no words to express these things? We can speak of joy, sorrow, love, and despair, yet our neighbor remains unmoved. Perhaps this is why mankind has been given the gift of song... the gift of music.

This collection of songs from the Sandals (John, Walter and Gaston) reaches out to us in a way only possible through music. I was most impressed with the sense of the music truly coming from the lives of the music makers. They are fathers, sons, brother, husbands and friends, and the light reflected in they many faceted lives shines wisdom, joy and simple companionship on us all. Whether it is a father's lullaby to his newborn son, or two brothers reminiscing about days gone by, we sense something of their lives and in so doing we come to realize that it is our life we sense as well.

And so we listen... an invitation to celebrate intimacy... an invitation to celebrate friendship.

- Alan Silverstri

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Silvertone Tracks:

1.Continents Apart (John Blakeley, W. Georis, G. Georis) 4:42
2.Oasis (John Blakeley, W. Georis, G. Georis) 5:08
3.Secret Garden (J. Blakeley, Gaston Georis) 5:29
4.Silvertone (Walter Georis) 5:15
5.Tradewinds (John Blakeley, W. Georis, G. Georis) 5:07
6.Gypsy Moods (John Blakeley, W. Georis) 4:09
7.Oriental Sunset (John Blakeley, W. Georis, G. Georis) 4:17
8.Lorena's Dance (W. Georis, J. Blakeley, G. Georis) 3:21
9.Djembeko (W. Georis) 5:06
10.Pachamama (J. Blakeley, W. Georis) 5:13
11.Bolero (W. Georis, Nico Georis) 5:57
12.Photographs (W. Georis) 5:07
13.Warm Winds (John Blakeley, W. Georis, G. Georis) 4:02
14.Song for Max (W. Georis) 4:08
15.Dreams (W. Georis, J. Blakeley) 3:48

Silvertone CD15.95


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