This music is offered from the heart. It was written, arranged and recorded by good friends who brought to the music vivid impressions of childhood memories and the richness of varied ethnic and musical backgrounds. We opened all the windows...

A love of good instruments and a willingness to go beyond boundaries of musical styles were the starting point. Thus the blending of vintage instruments with the sound palettes of electronic keyboards. We explored rhythms of hand drums and played to the laughter of children. We reached back to old world traditions of chanting and recalled folk melodies which we freely blended into new musical compositions.

The same open window made us tip our hats to border town cowboys who straddle English, Spanish, and Bayou French with ease. It allowed us to blend country and surf guitars with mountain dulcimers, old world squeeze boxes and Latin percussion. Here are a few of our influences:

Winters in Chimayo and Santa Fe, California Missions and Gothic Cathedrals, carols being sung in three different languages at once by three generations, Christmas trees with real candles, border town cantinas where saints and sinners mingle easily, Zorro on the Hacienda, toothless accordion player in Isla Mujeres, Provençal "Santons" crèches with musicians, the Palomino toy horse who survived the bombs, and the many miracles that kept the music alive.

-John, Walter, and Gaston

Milagro Tracks:

1.Campagnitas (3:43) W. Georis, J. Blakeley, G. Georis
2.Milagro (4:02) Traditional / J.Blakeley, G.Georis, W. Georis
3.Coming Of Angels (4:00) W. Georis
4.Pensando En Ti (4:51) W. Georis, J. Blakeley
5.Winter Melody (3:14) J. Blakeley, G. Georis
6.Children (1:24) Traditional / W. Georis, J. Blakeley, G. Georis
7.Corazon (5:53) W. Georis, J. Blakeley, G. Georis
8.Paso Di Santos (3:42) W. Georis
9.Pueblo Di Navidad (4:24) "Silent Night" Traditional / W. Georis, J. Blakeley, G. Georis
10.Close To My Heart (3:36) J. Blakeley, G. Georis
11.Let The Children Dance "Laissez les enfants..." (3:31) Traditional / W. Georis, J. Blakeley, G. Georis
12.Desert Star (2:51) J. Blakeley, G. Georis

Milagro CD15.95


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