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NEW!World Winds World Winds
Exotic sampled chants & instruments
Acoustic mandolin and guitars

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The Endless Summer
The soundtrack to the 1964 classic surf film "The Endless Summer" rockin' surf music by The Sandals.
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The Spirit Of Surf
Music from The Sandals. Written for the "The Endless Summer 2". Several songs featured in the film, including "Wingnut's Theme".
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Planet Surf
A compilation album of contemporary Californian surf bands.
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A documentary film paying tribute to the men & women of the surf world.
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Debut album composed and produced by Max Georis, Instrumental progressive rock.
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New music from the Sandals: An invitation to celebrate friendship.
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Accoustic holiday music from Georis/Blakely/Georis (original members of The Sandals).
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The Sandals - Summers, Songs, and Sidebars
Stories from the composers of The Endless Summer Soundrack
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